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Parent FAQ

  1. We are still a little unsure about having our kids return and wanted to clarify what options are available for them to continue online?

CESD has created a remote learning option for students.  Information was sent to parents two weeks ago about brief details of the plan. If questions with online still exist, please contact the admin at the school.

  1. My children are entering grade 1 & 3 this year. They will be riding the bus to school. Previous years, we met them at the school and helped them find their classes and made sure they were settled in ok. This year we won’t be able to do this. What direction can I provide my kids for their first day? When they get off of the bus where can they go to find out what classroom they are in? Will classrooms be communicated to families beforehand? I think my older child could help my younger one find her classroom, but I will need to provide him with a little direction.

Students will have the opportunity to meet their teacher at the door this year and we will guide everyone into their proper classrooms. Parents can see their student(s) to their appropriate outside door. Teachers will send (or have sent) an email to every student in their class outlining details such as: the entry door, home room and what to bring on the first day. Older siblings can be of assistance but we will have all the adults in the building helping guide everyone to their appropriate places.

  1. What is the expectation when they arrive at school and get off of the bus? (No playing outside, go into the school?)

Bus drop off will look a little different than in the past where we unloaded every bus at 8:33am. Students on the bus will now be unloaded at different time intervals and will proceed to their door and into their classroom. Previously, there was little to no time for students to play outside off the bus.

  1. What are the class sizes (# kids in class) this year? Is it possible to find this out beforehand?

We can give some details about class size in the teacher welcome email but at this time we are still sorting out final numbers.

  1. Will outdoor classes be encouraged on days when the weather permits?

Yes, outdoor learning and play time will be encouraged throughout the year. We ask that students come dressed for the weather every day. We have some opportunities for outdoor class spaces as well as physical education spaces. If weather changes fast throughout the day/lesson, we will still keep safety in mind and bring students back indoors.

  1. I would like to know if the classrooms my children will be attending are able to accommodate physical distancing (2m between desks)?

The 2m spacing is tougher in some classes than others. Currently, the AHS guideline is to distance but also to take precautions where we can’t.

  1. Will my child’s classroom have a sink?

Most of our classrooms have sinks, with the exception of 2 middle school home room classes and 3 high school home room classes.

  1. Have all of the teachers’ assistants/ EAs been hired back (assuming some were laid off when the province did the big layoff announcement in May/ June, whenever that was)?

Yes, everyone that was expected to come back received a recall notice to return this fall.

  1. Homeschooling last term was not very successful in our household. I am concerned that my children may be behind some of their peers in what they learned March to June. Are there any additional resources for these kids in these situations? Tutoring, etc?

Each teacher will be using assessment techniques to diagnose student learning continually. If there are gaps noticed, we will work in partnership with the parents/guardians to see how to address them. No formal tutoring is issued in the school, but there are a multitude of interventions we can analyze depending on grade level.

  1. My understanding is that wearing masks is optional for K-gr3. We wear a mask whenever we are in public indoor spaces ( and sometimes outdoors if it seems like it would be difficult to distance ourselves from others). Will Cremona school be asking k-3 kids to wear masks as well, or is this going to be optional and if so, isn’t it a little strange to have a school where a portion of the student body doesn’t have to wear a mask/ mixed messaging?

As per the guidance and recommendations from Alberta Health, at this time K - 3 mask wearing is optional. Questions can be raised on appropriate use at the younger ages, and therefore we follow the guidance of the province.
Mask use is mandatory

  1. My son has asthma, it is mild but gets triggered with certain fabrics.  I am wondering when and what kind of masks do the kids have to wear? Or if because he has asthma does he need to wear one?

There is some guidance on the Government of Alberta website as choosing a face covering that works for your student. If they find one that works, and you still have questions, contact the admin at the school. The rules on medically exempt students are on a case by case basis and should be discussed with the admin at the school.

  1. What can parents do to help and support the school, teachers and staff this year? Do you need any parent volunteers to come in to help with extra cleaning between classes, stand in the school yard during recess, help out with anything, contact our MLA to advocate for proper school funding?

We always appreciate the help and support our community offers. At this time, we are focussing on education and the staggered entry to start the year. Volunteers may not be effectively utilized until we get going into our school year. Once we have a clearer picture on volunteerism, we will get teachers to reach out as to how you can help. Thank you for your offer.

  1. We are most concerned about how our children will be welcomed into their first day. We have one going into gr 5, first year of middle school, and have no idea what to expect. Could you run an optional orientation day prior to the first day for these kids?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to organize an orientation day in this short amount of time. However, the welcome this year will be similar to other years (minus the delicious pancake breakfast). Please reach out to your child's teacher or admin on ways we can help with a transition.

  1. Can you also put out the class list for each grade so the children will know who their teacher is and who will be in their class prior to day 1. I have one going into grade 1 and 4. They are also nervous of the unknown. I think knowing who their teachers are and who’s in their class can settle a few unknowns for them.  On day 1 they don’t want to walk in, have masks on for the first time ever in school, have no idea where they are going, who’s teaching them and who’s going to be in their cohort. That seems overwhelming to me for children.

Each homeroom teacher will send out an email, prior to the school start, to introduce themselves as well as some details on their class and school start up. Unfortunately, we can not release the class list due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. We will ensure that everyone finds their classroom and is welcomed back to our school community.

  1. When doing the screening questionnaire each morning with my kids if one person answers yes to any of the questions on the list do all of us stay home from school or only the person who answered yes to the question?  Simply asking as we have 3 kids attending Cremona school in different grades.

If one child has symptoms they need to stay home however the symptom free children may attend school. The exception to this would be the result of a positive COVID-19 test. We do encourage symptoms to be checked further and to keep in contact with the school.  Please contact the school to notify us of their absence.  AB Health services COVID self-assessment

  1. Should elementary school children bring their school supplies to school on the first day?

This may vary depending on the classroom teacher. In our welcome email, we will outline what can come on day one and what we can bring on subsequent days.

  1. Since it is my understanding that lockers will not be used for middle school and high school, should students bring all their supplies to school or just what they need each day according to their schedule of classes?

Lockers still may be used for students, but we are looking at logistics. We will use the staggered entry days to see what materials and space is needed, as well, issue lockers on a per need basis. The use of locks will be discouraged, so keeping important items on their person is suggested. The supplies needed for the first day will be emailed from the homeroom teacher before the start of school.


  1. Students in grades 4-12 will be issued two masks from the school but are they allowed to also use other masks at school such as homemade masks? Are students allowed to wear a buff instead of a mask?  Can my child in elementary be issued the same masks as the rest of the children?

Other masks (and face coverings) will be allowed if they meet the provinces guidelines on the government of Alberta website. Mask information  The "buff" neckwear is considered a mask... however is not as effective as a traditional non-medical facemask.  Masks have to be appropriate for school and if there are any concerns, they will need to be discussed with the admin. If we have extra masks, we can look at distributing them on a per need basis.

  1. Is it true that there will be no access to microwaves for students and will there be no concession?  What about the vending machine?

At this time, there will be no microwaves or vending machine available. However, we are looking at offering a concession as well as prepackaged breakfast options. We will send an email when we are ready to start these programs. Subway days will continue as well throughout the year (but payment is to be online only).

  1. Will middle school students still be expected to change clothes for physical education (gym strip)?

At this time, our change rooms will not be available and there will be no changing for PE. We are encouraging lessons to start outside as weather permits. When this changes, we will let students know to bring their PE gear.

  1. Will students' jackets, backpacks, shoes and other belongings be in class next to their desks or will they still be using boot rooms and coat racks?

Boot rooms will still be available as well as coat hooks in some rooms. If they have room and feel more comfortable, they can store some (not dirty boots) by their desks. This should be approved by the homeroom teacher first.

  1. If on the demographic info, I indicate that my 7 year old child has a pre-existing condition of occasional migraine headaches that can cause nausea and vomiting, will I need to have my child tested prior to school starting and if he at any time vomits, will I then need to keep him home until he is tested again to prove that he doesn’t in fact have COVID -19? Or is it an issue for allergies such as a runny nose due to hay season or spring thaw? What if my child gets a cold? Will I need to get him tested again?

As per Chinook’s Edge re-entry plan, “if a child has a pre-existing condition, they need to be tested at least once to establish a baseline.” That way, if they fall under conditions outlined in the demographic info, we have a clear picture. If new, or worsening symptoms that are not listed in the demographic info arise, the child will have to stay home and be tested again. Communication with the school at this point would be recommended.

  1. Has there been any thought about rotating recesses, lunch hours?

Yes we are looking into all possibilities (when we have the full student population). We will coordinate different dismissal times as well as zones on the playground.

  1. Any thoughts about reducing/eliminating breaks and lunch to reduce the school day time?

Our bell times are set to coordinate with other places in the division. As well, we have those set for our bus schedule. We will not be reducing the school day at this time.

  1. Can you please clarify if any extracurricular sports are available, either within Cremona school or between schools?

ASAA has announced that there will be no interschool sports at this time. As well, Chinook’s Edge has said no sports will begin before September 14. At that time, we are looking to run school sports, this will be local until ASAA allows us to play other schools.

  1. What will band look like this year? If our child opts to not do band will they be able to continue band next year if it is running again? If they choose to not do band because of Covid what will the Grade 6 options be?

We are meeting as a division to see options for how to effectively run our band program. Look for announcements updating how it will look.

  1. How is the busing going to work to and from school?  How are the kids going to stay further apart from everyone?

Your bus driver will contact you with more information. At this time, we are seating based on family first, spaced rows where we can, and masks to be worn.