On Thursday September 11 from 7:00-8:30 pm, Olds High will be hosting the annual Post-Secondary Review!!  Over 30 colleges, universities, RCMP, Canadian Forces and more will be in the Commons area answering questions and explaining their programs.  We encourage ALL grade 11 & 12 students to attend and welcome any students from grades 9 & 10.  Please call me if you have any questions.



Parents and Students

The money is out there for Post-Secondary, however, it takes time and effort to apply, write the letters, and most of all, research!  From a Counsellor point of view, the grade 12s are a very busy group.  They have diploma courses, extra-curricular activities, and their "futures" to worry about.  Parents often ask "what can I do to help?"  I would like to suggest that assistance with scholarship applications would help them (and you) financially!  They should put together a list of their volunteer efforts over the years along with extra-curricular accomplishments.  This will be given to their teachers for their reference letters.  They should be researching on any of the below sites. Any scholarship has a "due date", put scholarship applications in order of these dates and put it on the calendar or they will forget to apply!  My shortlist of scholarships is as follows:

  1. RAP, $1000, June
  3. RUTHERFORD, $300-$2500, June
  4. MARVEL, $1000, July
  5. MODERN WOODMAN (Highest Math 30-1) $300
  6. AUDREY K. BEVRIDGE MEMORIAL AWARD (Highest English 30-1) $300
  7. LIONS CITIZENSHIP, $1000, May
  8. LIONS TOP SOCIAL 30-2/ENGLISH 30-2, $500
  9. MOUNTAINVIEW CREDIT UNION, $1000, February and April
  10. MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY, $500, March
  11. ATA (children of teachers in Chinooksedge), $250, September

What Scholarships and Bursaries are out There?

You can explore a diversity of awards (scholarships and bursaries) available to supplement funding of your post-secondary education through the following four databases:

  • Alberta Scholarship Programs – lists awards that are administered by Alberta Scholarship Programs. Search alphabetically, by keyword or by audience.
  • Scholarship Connections – lists awards that are administered by various organizations. Search by keyword, deadline or category.
  • Post-Secondary Institutions Scholarships – lists awards that are administered by specific post-secondary institutions in Alberta. Search by post-secondary institution.
  • Academic Invest – lists grants, scholarships, bursaries and employment listings for students and new graduates.